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Can my tooth have a filling instead of a crown?

A dental filling is ideal for repairing the hole in your tooth that is left by cavities. Unfortunately, very large cavities or fractures may not leave enough stable tooth enamel to support a filling. In cases such as these, it is necessary for Dr. Aiello to cover the tooth with a crown, instead of rebuilding it with a filling.

Why You Need a Crown

A crown is designed to protect your entire tooth structure, while closely mimicking your natural tooth. Most visible crowns are made of porcelain so they can be customized to blend flawlessly with your smile. They are also durable and provide the function of biting, eating, and chewing that you had before.

It typically takes two visits to complete a dental crown. Dr. Aiello prepares your tooth for the crown during the first visit and creates a temporary version that you will wear while your final restoration is being created at a world-class dental laboratory according to his specifications. When your final crown is ready, you'll return to our office to have it placed permanently.

If your tooth has been diagnosed as needing a crown, it's critical that you don't put off your treatment in order to avoid further damage. Give us a call today for more information.

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