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Dr. Aiello does not want any of his patients to go without the care that they deserve. That is why we present a variety of care options – so that you can select the one that is best for you, your smile, and your budget.

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At Michael J. Aiello, DDS we know before teeth grindinwoman and man with glasses smiling l dentist clinton twp mig can be prevented it is important to determine the cause. Many people that show evidence of teeth grinding or bruxism are given bite guards. When bruxism has correctly diagnosed a custom fitted occlusal bite guard is an excellent option. Unfortunately, there are many times when a bite guard may not be the proper treatment.

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That is why it is important to see a dentist in Clinton Township that thoroughly understands your problem as well as possible factors that are causing the grinding. Properly restoring the teeth to the correct bite or treatment for sleep apnea are just two of the many examples that could stop grinding. 

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If you have teeth grinding issues and would like to learn more about how to relieve your pain call our dental office in Clinton Township, MI. We can't wait to meet you and the entire family!


Worn and chipped teeth are usually fixed with white tooth colored materials such as composite bonding filling material or porcelains. Depending upon what you want and need there are a variety of materials and options that be utilized to fix worn and chipped teeth.

three women sitting at a table l 48038 dentistAt Michael J. Aiello, DDS we know friction against teeth rubbing together incorrectly causes them to wear down. You may be grinding your teeth or have an unstable bite. If this is the cause, a custom made bite guard known as an occlusal splint, may be indicated. Other recommendations may be a simple bite adjustment or rebuilding the worn teeth.

What Are The Effects of Teeth Grinding Over Time?

Another form of wear may be due to erosion where tooth structure actually starts to dissolve away. Erosion is commonly associated with underlying health problems, the foods we eat or drink, medicines, supplements, and liquids we put in our mouths. It is very common with people that have acid reflux, sleep apnea, GERD, and chronic dry mouth.

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Dr. Aiello feels it is important to thoroughly evaluate each patient’s situation individually. This allows us to have a solution that can fix the current problem and prevent it from causing more damage. IF you would like to learn more about Michael J. Aiello, DDS contact our friendly dental today!

Dr. Michael Aiello and our team can meet your dental health needs at our conveniently located Clinton Township practice.

Our family-friendly dental practice is located at the following address:

43630 Hayes Rd #230
Clinton Twp, MI 48038

West of Anchor Bay and Lake St. Clair, our Clinton Township dental practice is surrounded by beautiful buildings and local shops. You can find us in close proximity to Lakeside Village Apartments and St. Sharbel Church. Our building is on the corner of Hayes Rd. and Lakeside Village Dr., and directly across the street from Olivewood Drive.

We Are Conveniently Located

Our state-of-the-art dental practice is north of 19 Mile Rd and the east side of Hayes Rd. Arriving via M-59 W:

  1. Head west on M-59 W/Hall Rd. toward Riverwoods Dr.
  2. Use the left lane to turn left onto Hall Rd.
  3. Use the right 2 lanes to turn right onto Hayes Rd.
  4. Turn left at Olivewood Dr., and you’ll see our building!

For the convenience of our patients, we have ample parking in front of and behind our contemporary, single-story building. We provide handicapped parking spaces near our front doors.

Our office is located inside of the Atrium Office Center, which shares a building with several local businesses, including Michigan Rehabilitation Services and Michigan Works. 

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If you have been searching online for a “dentist near me,” look no further than Clinton Township dentist, Dr. Aiello!

Typically a bite guard is made to take the stress off of teeth, muscles, and the jaw joints. A properly fitted guard helps the jaw joint and muscles relax. Man | Laser Gum Treatment Clinton TownshipBite guards help prevent tooth wear, teeth breakage, root canals, tooth mobility, headaches, and many factors related to gum disease. 

Bite Guards in Clinton Township, MI

If you are looking for a bite guard, contact  Michael J Aiello, DDS, PLC and we will be happy to create you a custom bite guard. 

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