Overcoming Dental Anxiety

Does the idea of visiting the dentist leave you in a panic, with your hands sweating and your heart hammering? If so, you’re not alone – nearly one out of every ten people suffer from dental phobia.

Whether you’ve suffered from a traumatic experience in the past, hate the idea of someone working in your personal space, or just dread needles and the drill, we can help! Not only is our team warm and compassionate, putting you right at ease, but we also offer sedation options, for your ultimate comfort.

Why Choose Sedation?

It might surprise you to know how many people benefit from sedation dentistry. Fear is a powerful motivator to safely keep you away from any perceived danger, but it becomes dysfunctional when it keeps you from getting the treatment that you need.

We don’t want our patients to stress and avoid preventative dental care and necessary treatments that are essential to preserving their smiles and oral health. That’s why we offer sedation options, administered in a warm chair side manner. With dental sedatives…

  • Anxious patients can relax and enjoy a positive dental experience
  • You won’t have to worry about losing control, having a panic attack or your sensitive gag reflex kicking in
  • You can doze through your oral care
  • Patients can comfortably tolerate more dental work in a single visit

Enjoy a Healthy, Beautiful Smile

With the compassionate care at our Clinton Township practice, you can finally enjoy all the benefits of progressive, comprehensive dental care. Just let us know about your dental anxiety and we’ll make every accommodation to make you feel at ease.

We offer nitrous oxide sedation as well as oral, conscious sedation, expertly administered and monitored by Dr. Aiello. Enjoy quality dental care while your worries float away, your muscle tension eases and your mind relaxes into tranquility.

 Don’t put off the dental care that your smile needs to look and feel its best. Call today to set an appointment.