Dental Bonding


Before and after shots of a mouth where dental bonding was used t o fill in some gaps. What is dental bonding? Bonding is a procedure that Dr. Aiello uses to reshape teeth that have minor to moderate aesthetic irregularities. The bonding material actually matches your surrounding tooth enamel, making your tooth look perfectly whole. We often use bonding for teeth with:

  • Fractures
  • Misshaped Enamel
  • Gaps
  • Pits or Stains

What to Expect

Like a tooth colored filling, composite bonding is a restoration that matches your current tooth shade. Dr. Aiello will prep your tooth and then shape the bonding over it, until the tooth takes on the desired form. A bright light cures the bonding in place, fusing the material with your enamel.

Bonding can be used alone, or alongside of teeth whitening, crowns, or other tooth colored restorations. The goal is to make each tooth whole, so that they complement your appearance.

If you have a troublesome tooth that makes it embarrassing to smile – call our Clinton Township cosmetic dentist to find out if dental bonding is right for you. Schedule your free consultation today.