Teeth Whitening


Couple smiling with perfect white teeth thanks to the teeth whitening services from Dr Michael Aiello DDS in Clinton Township.Would you like to have whiter, brighter teeth? Dr. Aiello can safely whiten your teeth to several shades whiter. Whether your teeth are naturally dark or have absorbed deep stains over time – our professional teeth whitening treatments can help.

Why Brighten Your Teeth?

Removing stain from your tooth enamel can help you feel more confident and look years younger. If you feel embarrassed about the way your teeth look, then whitening them is an affordable and effective way to change that.

We offer two types of professional teeth whitening:

In-Office Treatments

In just one hour, you can have teeth that are several shades whiter than they were when you came into our office. We will apply the whitening gel to your teeth and use a bright light to accelerate the stain release process. This treatment jump-starts your whitening for even faster results. All of our patients who choose to have in-office whitening will also receive a set of custom trays for maximum results.

Custom Fitted Trays

Woman inserting a custom teeth whitening tray she got from Dr Michael Aiello DDS in Clinton Township, MI.Our fitted whitening trays keep professional grade gel on your teeth for dramatic and even results in just 10-14 days. With a custom tray, you can expect better results than generic-sized, weaker over the counter products.

If you are considering having dental bonding, a porcelain crown or veneers – you may want to whiten your teeth first. That way your new restorations will match your overall smile as closely as possible.

Which one is right for you? Stop by our Clinton Township office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Aiello to find out!