Cross section of a tooth to show how and what part of the tooth is affected by root canals.Root canal (endodontic) therapy is one of the most essential steps for salvaging a badly damaged tooth. If your tooth is damaged to the point that the nerve has been involved, root canals can prevent the tooth from being lost. Dr. Aiello typically recommends endodontic treatments on teeth with:

  • Large Cavities
  • A History of Trauma
  • Dying Nerves
  • Dental Abscesses
  • Severe Fractures

The Root Canal Process

Cross section of a tooth shows decay in various stages and how it results in a need for a root canal.When Dr. Aiello performs a root canal, what he is doing is actually removing the damaged nerve tissue and sealing off the chamber inside of the tooth. This prevents bacteria or infection from re-entering the nerve chamber. It also prevents the tooth from continued decay or internal absorption. After the root canal is complete, a full coverage crown will need to be placed over the tooth. The crown protects the non-vital tooth from chipping or wearing away due to the brittle tooth enamel that is left.

In most cases, Dr. Aiello completes root canal treatments here in our Clinton Township family dental office. This prevents the need to send patients to a 3rd party specialist. Our office also works with Care Credit to offer 0% and low-interest financing so you don't have to put your needed treatment off. At Michael Aiello, DDS, we try to make your treatment as affordable as possible.

If you suspect that you may need a root canal, call Dr. Michael Aiello today to schedule an exam. Be sure to also ask our knowledgeable staff about laser gum treatment.