General Dentistry


Dr. Aiello’s goal is to help you feel comfortable in our office – but to also assist you in avoiding unnecessary dental treatment further down the road. That is why our general dentistry services are focused on preventing and eliminating oral diseases like periodontal disease, tooth decay and emergencies.

Some of the general services that you have access to in our Clinton Township office include:

Preventive Care

Our comprehensive patient exams, preventive dental cleanings and digital x-rays are just a few ways we help you identify problems before they start. We also offer custom bite splints and services for managing TMJ symptoms.


A badly damaged tooth may not be restorable with a filling or crown. In some situations, removing it is your best option.

Treatment for Wisdom Teeth

Are your wisdom teeth causing pain? Find out if you need to have them removed.

If you aren’t sure what you need – that’s ok too. We encourage you to schedule a new patient exam with Dr. Aiello to assess your oral health and priorities surrounding your smile. We offer a full menu of dental services including Laser Dentistry and Cosmetic Dentistry.

At Michael Aiello, DDS, we try to make your treatment as affordable as possible. Dr. Aiello does not want any of his patients to go without the care that they deserve. We offer 0% and low-interest financing with low monthly payments through CareCredit. Call us today!