Cleanings and Prevention


Why do we encourage our patients to visit Dr. Aiello every 6 months for a check-up? To limit the amount of treatments like fillings or extractions that they need over time. With the right prevention, your smile can stay stronger and healthier for decades to come.

We offer several preventive care services, including:

Teeth Cleanings and Exams

Every checkup consists of a thorough exam and preventive cleaning to keep your teeth free of cavities and gum disease. We also utilize Diagnodent digital cavity detection to pinpoint areas of concern before they are large enough to be seen with the naked eye.

Digital X-Rays

Low radiation digital x-rays take less time to capture and reduce your appointment length by several minutes. The HD images are visible on an in-room monitor for you to co-diagnose your treatment needs alongside of Dr. Aiello.

Periodontal Screenings

Gum disease is the leading cause of adult tooth loss. It is also linked with conditions like heart disease, stroke and diabetes. When you hear us calling out numbers and measurements, we are assessing the health of your supporting bone and gum tissues.

Mouth Guards and Splints

Do you constantly clench or grind your teeth together? Bruxism can cause worn, flat, chipped teeth and broken restorations. Our thermoform and acrylic dental guards protect and preserve your smile. If you’re an athlete, one of our sports mouth guards can protect you from sports related dental emergencies, including concussions.

TMJ Disorder Symptom Management

Depending on the cause of your TMJ disorder and the side effects that you suffer from – Dr. Aiello may be able to help. One of the most common problems that we address are TMJ induced migraine headaches.

Ask us about our NTI appliances.

Sleep Apnea Support

Have you been diagnosed with a sleeping disorder? We offer sleep apnea screening and can coordinate care with your sleep physician. Our oral sleep apnea appliances are ideal for improving airflow naturally, so that some people do not have to use CPAP equipment.

At Michael Aiello, DDS, we try to make your treatment as affordable as possible. Dr. Aiello does not want any of his patients to go without the care that they deserve. We offer 0% and low-interest financing with low monthly payments through CareCredit.

When was your last dental check-up? Call Michael Aiello, DDS in Clinton Township today to schedule. We look forward to meeting you.