Laser Gum Treatment


If you suffer from gum disease, our LANAP laser gum treatment procedure can give you a reason to smile again. With LANAP, Dr. Aiello is able to comfortably treat areas of gum disease without surgical procedures. In fact, the procedure produces less discomfort and a quicker recovery time than conventional gum surgery.

Why Choose This Option?

Our soft tissue laser treatment is for patients with periodontal health conditions that will not respond to conventional periodontal therapy. When the next step would typically involve surgery such as crown lengthening or flap procedures – LANAP prevents this. The thin laser literally vaporizes bacteria and damaged tissue areas that may not be accessible during a deep cleaning. It also expedites the healing process.

What to Expect

During your LANAP procedure, Dr. Aiello will thoroughly clean the root surfaces of any tartar. Then, the small laser is guided along the tooth and gum to erase diseased tissue and bacteria inside of the gum pocket. This creates a sterile environment where the previously diseased tissue can reattach itself to the tooth. Even though the procedure is pain-free, Dr. Aiello may numb the area being treated to prevent any discomfort. Any minor soreness is usually gone within about 24 hours.

Dr. Aiello was the 2nd dentist in the Detroit area and among the first 300 in the nation to become a LANAP provider. Most LANAP treatments are available only in periodontal specialty clinics. See how our surgery-free approach can help you save your smile – call us today!
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