Attractive woman smiling with dentures allowing her have the perfect smile she wants in Clinton Township, MI.Removable dentures and partial dentures are an economical and efficient way to replace your missing teeth. Dr. Aiello is dedicated to helping you achieve a comfortable denture fit that also improves the way your smile looks.

Partial Alternative

If you are missing several teeth, but not all of them, then a partial denture is a good alternative. Our Clinton Township partial dentures prevent the need for additional tooth extractions. The partial will clasp into place around your natural teeth, replacing only the ones that were already missing.

Full Arch Option

To replace all of your teeth at once, a full denture is one of the most affordable options. Dentures cover the bony ridge of your jaw, spanning from one side of your mouth to the other.

Although these prosthesis are removable, Dr. Aiello will have the denture made so that it fits comfortably in place and is secured by suction against your gum tissues.

Implant Dentures

Our dental implant restorative options also include implant overdentures and fixed All-on-4 dentures. Ask which one is most appropriate for you!

How do you want your new smile to look? Meet with us today to discuss a denture plan that improves your health and confidence. At Michael Aiello, DDS, we try to make your treatment as affordable as possible. We offer 0% and low-interest financing with low monthly payments through CareCredit.