Why Baby Teeth Are So Important to Healthy Smile Development

Because baby teeth are ultimately going to fall out, many parents are led to believe that those teeth don’t really need care. Why bother? Wouldn’t it be a waste of money for those teeth to have dental work and professional cleanings?

Actually, your child’s teeth are more important than you may realize.

Your Child Needs Teeth!

Take a moment to think about all the reasons you’re glad to have your teeth.

When those teeth hurt or look bad, you’re not happy. The same goes for baby teeth. They’re simply a little smaller, is all.

Children depend on their teeth to eat the nutritious foods their bodies need. Even from a very young age kids can become self-conscious about the way their smile looks if their peers tease them. Additionally, when baby teeth get cavities, they can hurt a lot. Tooth decay can quickly lead to painful and dangerous abscesses in children’s mouths.

What Are Baby Teeth Good For, Anyway?

Not only do baby teeth function like adult teeth, but they are critical in adult tooth development. The primary teeth are lost in a particular order to make room for the next generation at just the right time.

If the first set is lost too soon, the adult teeth won’t have any neighbors to help guide it into place. This increases the likelihood that your kid will need braces when they get older.

Healthy Baby Teeth, Healthy Adult Teeth

It’s dangerous to just let baby teeth “rot out” because you know the adult ones will follow. Decay from a baby tooth (especially if there’s an abscess) can damage the adult tooth, which doesn’t have a natural replacement.

By taking care of your child’s baby teeth now, you help them start a healthy habit of dental care that they can carry with them into adulthood.

Start out by introducing healthy brushing and flossing techniques. You can also bring them to their first dental appointment here at Michael J. Aiello, DDS. Contact our Clinton Township office today to schedule.