Children’s Dentistry in Clinton Township

child at dentist | Clinton Township MIDr. Aiello loves kids – in fact, he is a father himself! Our family dental practice sees children of all ages, so there is no need to drive all over Clinton Township, Sterling Heights or Macomb Township looking for a pediatric dentist. In most cases, all of your child’s dental needs can be managed in our convenient family practice.

Your child’s comfort is our top priority, and Dr. Aiello spends a lot of time ensuring that children feel at ease in the dental chair, which sets them up for success in their future visits to the dentist.

We know that parents are our best partners when it comes to monitoring and caring for their child’s oral health, so Dr. Aiello also takes the time to work closely with parents to educate them about their child’s oral development, nutrition, and brushing techniques.

Some of our pediatric dental services include:

Teeth Cleanings and Exams in the 48038 Area

Routine check-ups help us monitor your child’s smile so that they can avoid complications later on. Most children benefit from dental check-ups every six months.

We begin cleaning your little one’s teeth as soon as they feel comfortable with the procedure. This process helps to remove the excess plaque and bacteria that cause issues like tooth decay and cavities. It is our top priority that your child feels completely relaxed in the dental chair, so we will never proceed with any procedure until they are ready.

Digital X-Rays

High definition digital x-rays allow us to monitor your child’s oral and tooth development and eruption pattern, and to screen for cavities. This gives us the advantage of detecting decay in its earliest stages, so children don’t have to endure complex dental procedures to restore their teeth and maintain their oral health.

Fluoride Treatments

Professional fluoride treatments encourage strong tooth development and help your child avoid cavities later on. Applying fluoride is a quick procedure that can be combined with your little one’s routine six-month cleanings.

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants guard teeth against tooth decay by placing protective coatings over the deep pits and grooves of back molars. We notice fewer cavities in children with sealants as opposed to those without.Kid with toothbrush | Kid's toothbrush clinton township MI

Schedule Your Child’s Next Appointment Today

Whether your child needs to have their first cleaning, a cavity filled, or space maintained, Dr. Aiello will keep their comfort and the future of their smile at the forefront of his recommended course of treatment.

Dr. Aiello begins performing dental screenings on children at the age of one as recommended by pediatric medical professionals. If your son or daughter has not had their first dental exam, we invite you to call our Clinton Township office today to schedule one.