Periodontal Care in Clinton Township

Woman in Dental Chair | Clinton Township MI Periodontal CareDid you know that gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in American adults? At the office of Dr. Michael Aiello, we take gum disease extremely seriously because it impacts the health of our patients’ smiles, and it also has a direct correlation with health conditions like heart disease, stroke, premature labor, and diabetes.

What is Gum Disease?

Periodontal (gum) disease, is a condition where plaque biofilm builds up under the gum tissues. This buildup causes the gum to detach, creating a deep pocket around the tooth. Due to the difficulty of keeping these areas clean, the pocket continues to deepen, which causes bone and tissue loss around the tooth, as well as symptoms like:

  • Tooth mobility
  • Receding gum lines
  • Bleeding, swollen, or irritated gums
  • Chronic bad breath
  • Soreness or tenderness when biting or chewing

Mild to moderate periodontal disease is usually treated through a series of scaling and root planing procedures, also called deep cleanings, where the plaque and tartar deposits are thoroughly removed from the teeth and from below the gum line. This procedure creates a clean environment that is easier to maintain and allows the gum tissues to reattach to the tooth.

LANAP in Clinton Township

For patients with moderate to severe periodontal disease Dr. Aiello is proud to offer our in-house LANAP procedure, which can help you save your smile without the discomfort of surgery. This is a treatment that is typically only available in periodontal specialty clinics. Dr. Aiello was only the second dentist in the Detroit area and among the first 300 in the nation to become a LANAP provider.

Laser gum treatments are ideal for patients that need more intense therapy than just a deep cleaning and Dr. Aiello is able to comfortably treat areas of gum disease without surgical procedures. In fact, the LANAP procedure produces less discomfort and results in a quicker recovery time than conventional gum surgery.

If you suffer from gum disease, our LANAP laser gum treatment procedure can give you a reason to smile again!Woman Smiling | Periodontal Care Clinton Township

Why Choose This Option?

Our soft tissue laser treatment is for patients with periodontal health conditions that will not respond to conventional periodontal therapy. The thin laser literally vaporizes bacteria and damaged tissue areas that may not be accessible during a deep cleaning, and it also expedites the healing process.

LANAP prevents the need for surgical procedures such as crown lengthening or flap procedures.

What to Expect from a LANAP Procedure

During your LANAP procedure, Dr. Aiello will thoroughly clean the root surfaces to remove any tartar buildup. Then, the small laser is guided along the tooth and gum to erase diseased tissue and bacteria inside of the gum pocket. This creates a sterile environment where the previously diseased tissue can reattach itself to the tooth.

Even though the procedure is pain-free, Dr. Aiello may numb the area being treated to prevent any discomfort. Any minor soreness is usually gone within about 24 hours.

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We perform a thorough gum disease screening during every patient check-up. This periodontal screening assesses the attachment levels on every tooth, so that we can pinpoint early problems when they are easier to address.

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