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What Causes Swelling Around Wisdom Teeth?

November 11, 2020
Posted By: Michael Aiello
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Wisdom teeth are the third molars, located in the furthest back of your mouth. Wisdom teeth typically appear between the age of 17 and 21. When the wisdom teeth begin to grow, normally you will experience slight discomfort as your wisdom teeth break through the gums. The pain will subside in some days. Apart from this, there are other situations that can cause you to experience swelling and pain around your wisdom teeth. Let’s look at some of the common reasons why you may experience swelling around wisdom teeth and why you must see the best dentist in Clinton Township, Michigan if you are in the area.

Common Reasons You May Experience Swelling Around Wisdom Teeth

1.    Bacteria Growth in the Mouth

Swelling around the wisdom tooth is usually caused when there is bacteria growth in the mouth. This can happen even if you practice good oral hygiene. Some bacteria still tend to reside at the very back of your mouth even when you practice good oral hygiene. When there are bacteria, you can experience swelling and pain around your wisdom teeth.

2.    Misaligned Wisdom Tooth

Like the rest of the teeth, a wisdom tooth may also fail to grow in the correct position. If you have a misaligned wisdom tooth, you are likely to experience swelling and pain around it. Misaligned wisdom tooth makes it hard to brush and floss properly around it. Moreover, food particles can easily get stuck around it, creating a perfect environment for bacteria to grow. Ultimately, it leads to swelling, infection, and pain.

3.    Partially sprouted Wisdom Tooth

Another common issue associated with wisdom teeth is that, when it grows, it tends to sprout out of the gums only partially. This happens when there is excessive space in the growing area. This then leads to swelling, pain, and various other problems. The partially molar allows bacteria to grow in the gums and jaw area, causing more infections.

4.    Not Enough Room to Grow

Swelling around wisdom teeth can also occur when there is a very small space for the wisdom tooth to grow through. Even when the tooth is impacted from growing, the root of the tooth will still tend to grow and take greater hold. As a result, swelling around the tooth will become a big problem.


Meet The Best Dentist in Clinton Township Before The Issue Leads To A More Serious Problem

Swelling around the wisdom teeth can lead to infection and other serious complications. It is always a good idea to visit your dentist to evaluate the situation. You may be experiencing swelling due to impacted teeth. This can cause several other complications - Cysts, infection, or go systemic, harming your overall health. If you are in the Clinton Township area, Dr. Michael J Aiello can give you the treatment you need.

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