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How Natural Do Dental Implants Look and Feel

November 11, 2020
Posted By: Michael Aiello
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Dental implants are now the No.1 choice among many patients for replacing their missing teeth, and all for many good reasons. Not only are they durable and functional, but dental implants also provide tooth replacement that looks and feels completely natural. If you are also interested in getting Best dental implants for improving your smile, Sterling Heights cosmetic dentistry at Michael J Aiello, DDS, PLC might be right for you, if you are in the area. We make use of modern tooth restoration tools and technology accompanied by specialized skills and knowledge to provide the best outcome out of the treatment.

Dental implants are a great way to fill the gaps in your smile. Let’s find factors that make dental implants very comfortable and aesthetically pleasing just like your natural teeth.

Experience The Design of Dental Implants at Michael J. Aiello, DDS, PLC

What makes dental implants very special is the way they are designed to mimic your natural teeth as well as the roots of the teeth. A small titanium post is implanted on the jawbone. This titanium post works as the root that firmly holds the prosthetic tooth. Once the treatment area is healed and the personalized dental crown is attached to the titanium post, your tooth will be extremely durable and can last for a long time with the proper care.

Discover The Look of Dental Implants

Thanks to advanced technology and high-quality dental materials, dental implants are almost indistinguishable. The dental crown is made using beautiful porcelain material. This material is very durable and can imitate the appearance of the look of natural tooth enamel. It can be crafted and shaded so that the dental crown seamlessly blends with the rest of the surrounding teeth.

The Comfort of Dental Implants in Clinton Township

Since the dental implant is placed securely beneath the jawbone, it remains firm and comfortable. You won’t be experiencing it shifting, sliding, or popping out of place. Once you have them they will function like the rest of your teeth, at times you may even forget that they are even there.

If you are located in Sterling Heights and looking for the best implants treatment to restore your smile. The Sterling Heights dentist at Michael J Aiello, DDS, PLC can help you. Headed by an expert, Dr. Michael Aiello, his team provides reliable and effective cosmetic dentistry in Sterling Heights. Call today, to schedule a consultation. 

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