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What is the difference between a crown and a bridge?

A dental crown covers a single tooth, while a dental bridge replaces missing teeth by having two or more crowned teeth connect to missing teeth. Both of these options stay fixed in the mouth. Oftentimes, a crown is placed over a tooth to protect a tooth that’s structure is too weak to support itself. Other times it may be placed for cosmetic purposes to reshape or change the color of a tooth.

Dental Crowns in Clinton Township

A dental crown in Clinton Township can help protect a tooth that may otherwise need extraction. At Michael Aiello, DDS, PLC, we try to save your natural teeth whenever possible, and dental crowns are a great method for saving damaged or severely decayed teeth. As mentioned above, we can also use crowns to fix cosmetic issues, so they are versatile.

Dental Bridges in Clinton Township

Dental bridges are used as a replacement for missing teeth. Replacing missing teeth is vital to your oral health. When you have teeth missing, your mouth and jaw are not getting the support they need to function properly and stay healthy. Without natural teeth and roots, your jawbone won’t be stimulated and may begin to atrophy, and your remaining teeth may begin to shift, leading to a misaligned bite. 

With gaps in your smile, you are also not getting the function you need to eat, speak, and talk easily. 

A dental bridge fills in the gap left by missing teeth, so you not only restore your full smile, you restore the function of your mouth and the appearance of your smile. 

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To schedule a consultation for dental crowns and bridges in the Clinton Township area, reach out to our dental office today. Dr. Aiello will examine your dental situation and let you know if a dental crown or bridge is the right choice for you.

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