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How can you prevent teeth grinding?

At Michael J. Aiello, DDS we know before teeth grindinwoman and man with glasses smiling l dentist clinton twp mig can be prevented it is important to determine the cause. Many people that show evidence of teeth grinding or bruxism are given bite guards. When bruxism has correctly diagnosed a custom fitted occlusal bite guard is an excellent option. Unfortunately, there are many times when a bite guard may not be the proper treatment.

Your Dentist in Clinton Township Is Here To Help

That is why it is important to see a dentist in Clinton Township that thoroughly understands your problem as well as possible factors that are causing the grinding. Properly restoring the teeth to the correct bite or treatment for sleep apnea are just two of the many examples that could stop grinding. 

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If you have teeth grinding issues and would like to learn more about how to relieve your pain call our dental office in Clinton Township, MI. We can't wait to meet you and the entire family!


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