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My teeth look worn and shorter than they did when I was young. What is happening?

three women sitting at a table l 48038 dentistAt Michael J. Aiello, DDS we know friction against teeth rubbing together incorrectly causes them to wear down. You may be grinding your teeth or have an unstable bite. If this is the cause, a custom made bite guard known as an occlusal splint, may be indicated. Other recommendations may be a simple bite adjustment or rebuilding the worn teeth.

What Are The Effects of Teeth Grinding Over Time?

Another form of wear may be due to erosion where tooth structure actually starts to dissolve away. Erosion is commonly associated with underlying health problems, the foods we eat or drink, medicines, supplements, and liquids we put in our mouths. It is very common with people that have acid reflux, sleep apnea, GERD, and chronic dry mouth.

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Dr. Aiello feels it is important to thoroughly evaluate each patient’s situation individually. This allows us to have a solution that can fix the current problem and prevent it from causing more damage. IF you would like to learn more about Michael J. Aiello, DDS contact our friendly dental today!

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